Farm to Fork

The further we move away from the farm, the more questions we have about where our food comes from. We want to give your clients the nutrition and satisfaction they need, while knowing you can feel good about what you’re recommending to them. That’s why is committed to helping you understand where beef comes from, and why you can feel good about the beef you’re putting on your plate tonight.

Below, you’ll find information about the many choices of beef available at retail. It may help you when you’re talking with clients about some of the buzz words they’re seeing on food labels or packages, and will help make their decision at the meat case a little bit easier the next time they’re at the grocery store. Questions about Grass-fed versus Grain-finished beef? Natural vs. Organic? Check out the PDF below to learn more.

Still want to know more? We’re glad you’re seeking information. Please visit to learn more about everything from the production cycle to common misperceptions about the cattle industry.