About the Protein Challenge

The 30 Day Protein Challenge is a fun, step-by-step way to help you get an optimal amount of protein throughout your day. Significant research shows that some people can lose and maintain a healthy weight, support a healthy metabolism, and age more vibrantly when they consume more high-quality protein, within calorie goals. Interested? Get started with the 30-day plan.

For some time now, researchers have known that consuming protein in balanced amounts at each meal is more beneficial to improving the impact of higher protein intake on various health outcomes. Currently, Americans consume 2/3 of their total daily protein intake at dinner - that doesn’t leave much room for protein at other meals or snacks! Some of the more remarkable benefits of distributing protein throughout the day include feeling satisfied after a protein-packed meal or snack, which helps reduce mindless eating. Additionally, meals with high-quality protein help to build muscle and reduce body fat.

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Research Supporting the Protein Challenge

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